The Process of Addiction Has its Costs Skope Magazine – Shawn Alexander Roy


From it’s mind-blowing title track to the end. ‘The Process of Addiction Has its Costs’ brings a lot of bang for your buck. Spot on attacks on office life, “gangsta” music, American nationalism, and consumerism prove that nothing is safe from Phillip Morris. With songs reminiscent of  The Pharcyde, Prince Paul, and MF DOOM, Phillip Morris proves himself to be one of the ultimate word smiths of hip-hop.

Some of the stand out tracks include:

“Ain’t What She Used to Be (feat Hanna Rae)”: This track is very reminiscent of Immortal Technique. Phillip Morris pulls out loaded guns at American Media and speaks the truth about what we all have to do overcome the “next Vietnam.”

“Die For The Music  (feat. Awdazcate)”: Like something pulled right out of Price Paul’s Politics of the Business or  A Prince Among Thieves comes this skit. A blatant assault on “Gangsta” music that’s full of laughs, but a tad over-long.

“The M.I.L.F Song”: This song is not what you think it’s about. It’s a sexual-innuendo filled song about people’s obsession with technology and keeping abreast with the latest got to have gear.

‘The Process of Addiction Has its Costs’ is out now. Buy it, and listen to it with headphones on.

Phillip Morris @ Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival!!


**BREAKING NEWS** Phillip Morris has just been put on the lineup for the 2009 Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival!! This will be a 3 day festival, spanning July 31st – August 2nd, which will be located on Milwaukee Avenue between California and Ridgeway. Come and check out Open Studios, Visual Art, Music, Activities, and more!!

I will be performing on both August 1st (at 9pm) and 2nd (at 8pm) at the Chicago ARTillery Stage which is located at 2764 N. Milwaukee (#21 on the map).

The Process of Addiction Has its Costs – Eric Sirota


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The corporate-bashing, ironically-named, nerdcore Chicago producer/MC, Phillip Morris, is not beyond comparison, but the comparisons will not be helpful to those lacking an unhealthy obsession with hip-hop. He’s a black Tim Fite, a good-natured Quasimoto, Vordul Mega with a sense of humor, Paul Barman with flow, etc., etc. These points of reference are not useful. They only became meaningful to me since I started prizing rap hipsterdom over social interaction, but, hey, if masturbating while listening to Digable Planets b-sides is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Say what you will, it hasn’t been that long since I got laid. The point is, Phillip Morris’s latest release, “The Process of Addiction Has Its Costs,” is fucking brilliant.

Unless you hate nerds, ‘cuz this cat sure is one. He’s got a nasally-ass voice with video game-ish, but still incredibly effective, beats. And on “The M.I.L.F. Song,” he dedicates a whole track to narrating a pornographic fantasy about his motherboard. That’s some nerdy shit. So is bragging about your ability to bag 45-year old white women. So is boasting about how your anti-social love of non-fiction television stops you from going out much. But what’s so redeeming about “The Process of Addiction” is that, beneath all the tongue-in-cheek braggadocio about liking documentaries more than bling, Phillip Morris is an exceptionally talented MC.

Indeed, as much as he revels in his own geeky non-conformity, at the end of the day, Morris is not relying on personality gimmicks. He doesn’t need to. His wordplay is some of the best I’ve ever heard. Interweaving double take-inducing puns into complex rhyme structures, he flows with an effortless, high-pitched-but-never-grating conversational delivery. And he spits genuine insight and humor about any number of topics without coming across as condescending or pretentious. At least not in a bad way. Otherwise put, he’s like Eminem, just not such a dick.

That’s not to say he doesn’t throw plenty of punches. Ragging on everyone from computer geeks to gangster rappers to corporate execs, Phillip is no pacifist, but, more than at anyone else, he takes aim at himself. According to Phillip Morris, Phillip Morris is an inadequate lover who would rather sit alone smoking weed and making bouncy-yet-sparse beats on his laptop than having a girlfriend or even watching a decent movie.

Still, Phil is not a depressive. At least not in a bad way. There’s an integrity to his debilitating self-pity. Maybe it’s that his miserable kvetching is filled with poignant observation. Maybe it’s that he manages to take ownership of his own lameness. Or maybe it’s just that, hopeless as he seems, after listening to “The Process of Addiction Has Its Costs” a couple times, you start to realize that everyone else seems worse.

Music Vibes: 8.5 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 9.5 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 9 of 10

The Process of Addiction Has its Costs Illinois Entertainer – Max Herman


“I’d rather speak my mind than die a bitter old man,” proclaims nasally MC Phillip Morris on his sophomore LP, The Process Of Addiction Has Its Costs. Like his 2007 debut, no topics are off limits, but this time he cleverly covers a wider range of subjects, including venting about 9-to-5 life and challenging the common notion of patriotism. And with his raps being coupled with crisp, sample-based beats from himself and producers like Coolout Chris, this album consistently sounds fresh.

Phillip Morris vs. Dubasaurus


So, in case you hadn’t already noticed….I’m currently a member of the band Dubasaurus. We make reggae-dub-hop music in a nutshell. People seem to like it….as gauged by the dancing and head nodding that occurs at live shows.  The members of the band are:

Adam Brown – Drums
Nick Ranucci – Sax
Alex Emetti – Guitar & back up vocals
Mason Gold – Percussion & back up vocals
Max Gold – Bass

Fada Dougou – lead vocals
Phillip Morris – lead vocals
Nate Emetti – Vocals (every now and then)

Come and check out one of our shows if you are interested in hearing the tunes and stylings. We just rocked out Quennect4 on Saturday 3.14.09, and the crowd was thick, people were feelin it…..herb was smoked and beer was imbibed at a high velocity.

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Oh, and for those who care, we have a live version of The MILF Song, complete with its own custom outro. No more secrets though….you’ll have to check it out to hear it for yourself.

Dubasaurus will be hitting the studio soon to get some recordings laid down, so stay tuned for that folks.



Chicago born and raised, Phillip Morris has been described as “one of the ultimate word smiths of hip-hop” according to Skope magazine. He is a revolutionary thinker trapped inside of an emcee’s frame. A man whose passion for multi-syllabic rhyming borders an obsession.

He has been featured in the 2008 documentary “I Am Hip-Hop” (directed by Geoff Harkness) and is one of the 9 main stars of the upcoming 2009 documentary “Roof Top Hip Hop” (created by Oliver Holmberg, directed by Paul Moriarity Jr.)

His music video “Mister Morris” was an official selection of both the Midwest Independent Film Festival and the 2009 Chicago International Hip Hop Film Festival 2009. It also received a nomination for Best Music Video at the 2009 BMA’s (Best of the Midwest Awards) held by the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

Phillip strives to make original music as far from the norm as possible. He keeps crowds entertained with his complex rhymes and electrifying stage performance. He keeps them thinking by speaking out about injustices occurring worldwide and challenging traditional ways of thinking.

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“Phillip Morris [is] a local hip-hop maestro with enough charisma to become the next Lupe Fiasco—or at least Hollywood Holt.” – A.V. Chicago
“Seamlessly fusing social and political commentary with humor and mad beats (as the kids like to say), Phillip Morris is one of the most intelligent and original MCs working in hip-hop today.”- Matthew Filipowicz, The Huffington Post
“Political and complex with a touch of blistering wit thrown in for good measure, Morris’ brand of hip hop will have you bobbin’ your head on the dance floor…and giving some serious thought to the social injustices featured in his rhymes.” – Melissa Tipton, Chicago Metblogs
“…the super charismatic Phillip Morris, a political hip-hop MC…demanded audience participation, with songs that attacked the Bush administration with gusto… Phillip Morris knew how to keep our attention for his full set using not only great rhymes, but great in-between song banter.” – Jason Shanley, Radio Free Chicago
“We believe he exemplifies innovative, creative, [and] original hip-hop. He doesn’t follow a formula like mainstream artists do nowadays …he’s doing his thing trying to take hip-hop to the next level and we applaud him…” – Fortino Murillo, DaTongue Magazine
“So I’ve got half an eye open and I might be drooling while I sit at sunny Purgatory Pizza at 12:30 p.m….It’s obvious that I don’t expect to confront this sort of awakening on my Sunday afternoon, but at least the thundering tunes of rapper Phillip Morris…gives 12-year-old pre-pubescent choir boys at church a run for their money. Phillip Morris, an up-and-coming underground rapper and Chicago native, serenaded Purgatory Pizza’s smaller population of customers with his strong political lyrics and clever beats…” Rebecca Diaz – The Loyola Phoenix

Going Green Live Footage!! Filmed 2.21.09 @ Quennect4


This is a live music video filmed at my Going Green event that i threw on 2.21.09 @ Quennect4 in Chicago. We originally were supposed to have an extra camera angle, but the footage didn’t come out clearly from the 3rd camera…so we only went with 2 angles.

Check out Phillip Morris (along with Phero) performing “The Process of Addiction Has its Costs” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” in this Live Music Video!!

Shot by the Helmet Kids!! (Miggy Downs, George Christensen, Jesse Hibbs)

When Animals Attack!!


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When Animals Attack…on it’s way!!

Greetings and Salutations folks. For all those who have been wondering, the new “When Animals Attack” music video is nearing its final stages!! I will keep you posted on the video release party.

This video, done by none other than Miggy Downs and the infamous Helmet Kids (the same crew responsible for the Mister Morris video) also features Smoke Park emcee Number 2!! Rest assured, once the video is out, it’ll be posted here as well!

And by the way, check out my new Vimeo Channel: Second Hand Video, which will have all Phillip Morris music videos in High Definition!!

Phillip Morris & Phero Opened for Dead Prez!


So, in case you didn’t see the 5 billion bulletins i posted, or hear from a friend, I had the pleasure of opening for Dead Prez last Sunday 4/12/09!! Phero was on the lineup, and rocked out 2 songs, and I did “A Dysfunctional Family Affair” (since after all the chorus was inspired by a Dead Prez lyric)

The crowd reaction was strong….there were at least 150 people there by the time i hit the stage. I was happy that the crowd had already migrated to the front of the stage, and seemed very eager for some politically charged music, which i was more than happy to provide!!

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Also on the lineup was D-Nick, Rebel Diaz, Dam, BBU, and others.

Thanks to everyone who came out! (especially the folks that came specifically to see me open for Dead Prez)